The Best Ones Always Start Out That Way

...and it never ends.

30 July 1985
Where the sun never sets, California, United States
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007, 311, acting, amr diab, astronomy, batman, black eyed peas, chemistry, coldplay, counterstrike, dante's equation, dark tower, dean martin, depeche mode, elijah wood, eminem, evanescence, frank sinatra, friends, gabriel knight, green day, incubus, jamiroquai, jane jensen, jet, joie lenz, judgement day, justice league, justin timberlake, kristin kreuk, leisure suit larry, lifehouse, linkin park, lord of the rings, maroon 5, martial arts, matrix, metallica, michael rosenbaum, movies, music, nelly, nintendo, nirvana, outkast, peridox, phantasmagoria, physics, playing guitar and drums, playstation, poetry, prince of persia, radiohead, red hot chilli peppers, santana, simpsons, singing, smallville, south park, spider man, sublime, superman, system of a down, techno, the beatles, the bee gees, tolkien, tom welling, tool, writing, x-men
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